One More Awesome Gadget!

25 08 2008

For the most part, when I walk in to the big box baby stores, I see a whole lot of stuff that I know I really don’t need.  Don’t get me wrong …  When I first enter the store, I too am overwhelmed by the sense that my baby doesn’t have enough toys and clothes and special gadgets and I want to run through the aisles, sweeping the contents of every shelf into my cart.  Why else would all this stuff be for sale if I didn’t need it, right?  But then my practical side kicks in, or maybe it’s my short-term memory:  Masher can’t take more than a couple of seconds in the electric swing I bought him here, he can’t stand any of the variety of pacifiers I tried to stick in his mouth, and that special diaper pail we bought?  That held up for about 3 weeks worth of shutting, then refused to open ever again.  (Now we have a $9.99 plain ol’ trashcan I’ll be able to use for my own diapers someday in the very distant future.)  Low tech.  Simple.  Heck, Masher’s happiest playing with his feet.  So, when I walked past a bizarro mesh feeding bag thing a few weeks ago at the big box baby store, I turned up my nose.  Just one more product trying to create a need.

Or not.  Maybe it’s actually a really great product!  The lightbulb went off when I was eating a pear a few weeks ago and decided to see if Masher wanted to suck on the core.  He was VERY interested in gnawing and sucking on such a deliciously juicy object, but I realized that I was equally nervous that he’d saw off a little chunk with those two little bottom beaver teeth of his, inhale, and choke himself.  So, I went back to the big box baby store and bought that very same mesh feeder I’d turned my nose up at before!  Let’s just say it worked like a charm.

A happy boy gnawing away on fruit.

A happy boy gnawing away on fruit.