Kale for Breakfast!

30 06 2012

I’ve been dreaming of a new blender since 2005 when I bought a used drugstore model from a neighbor’s garage sale for $3. That blender worked for me for most things, but in recent months, the smokey odor emanating from the base was beginning to concern me. And so, for my birthday, my family purchased me a new powerhouse of a blender — thanks, fam! — and at last this morning, we got to try one of these green smoothies that everyone on the Internet has been talking about for the last few years…

Half a bunch of kale, stems removed; two apples with skin; two peaches with skin; and two bananas (without skin of course); along with a couple of handfuls of ice was all it took to make three smoothies (two tall and one short) for the whole fam for breakfast. And wow. They were outrageously delicious. I wish I had a photo, but the truth is that we were all drinking so fast that no one thought to grab the camera. Oh, well — next time! This is definitely the beginning of a new era for us…




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