And Twins for Lunch!

25 03 2015

Well, I promised a photo of the green smoothie, and look here it is — almost three years later!  And I was right about one thing back then:  The famous green smoothie of June 30, 2012, was the beginning of a new era, but not only in our beverage options.  In fact, in just 2 months and 3 days after that posting, our girl/boy twins, LA and BB, arrived on the scene.  And IMG_1100with that we immediately entered the world of families with three children, which is a crazy place to be when you’ve only had one for almost five years.  And this explains my three-year hiatus.

But while I may have taken a lengthy break from blogging, let me assure you that my kitchen saw no such vacation!  I will admit that I have made exactly ZERO yeasted breads since 2012, but LA and BB have been great teachers in so many other subjects, including “How to Make Dinner in Random 2-Minute Intervals Between Nursing Screaming Twin Babies” and “What to Cook When None of Your Children Will Eat the Same Two Things.”  So, yeah, there’s been plenty going on.

And the smoothies?  Well, they are definitely an old family favorite at this point, and I have a tried and true formula that is easily tweaked in a variety of directions.  While I occasionally make a pink or orange smoothie that involves no veggies (just fruit) or a chocolate nut-butter smoothie, most everyone seems to prefer the green smoothies, so who I am to argue with that one?

I’m not one of those moms who whips up a smoothie for breakfast every morning.  Sorry to disappoint.  The kids generally get a couple of pieces of toast or a bowl of hot or cold cereal, and that’s it.  If I have time to toss them some cut-up fruit left over from lunchbox packing, then that’s a great day.  But the smoothies are handy to make later in the day and pour in a sippy cup for the kids as a snack after school or when we are out and about.  We also enjoy them with a weekend breakfast or lunch, especially when it feels a little grain/protein-heavy or when the grown-ups are having a tough-to-chew green salad for a side.  Here’s the formula:

(Makes about 7 cups, give or take)

1 handful of ice

1 handful of cashews or hemp hearts

2 apples (or pears)

2 bananas

a bit of something citrusy (pieces of orange, a scoop of orange juice concentrate, some frozen mango or peaches)

1/2 cucumber (if available)

1/2 bunch of kale or spinach

1/2 cup or so plain kefir or yogurt

1/2 cup or so cold water as needed

And blend!  I almost never put berries in a smoothie because it seems like a waste since the kids eat them up like candy in their natural form anyway.  Plus most berries will turn your green smoothie into a REALLY unattractive shade of brown.  Trust me on this one.  Even if they look excited when you put that brown smoothie in front of them, they will NOT be happy when they take a sip and realize it tastes like sweet and sour fruitiness instead of chocolate.  Because let’s face it… chocolate is really the only liquid in a cup that should be that shade of brown.  Right?

One More Awesome Gadget!

25 08 2008

For the most part, when I walk in to the big box baby stores, I see a whole lot of stuff that I know I really don’t need.  Don’t get me wrong …  When I first enter the store, I too am overwhelmed by the sense that my baby doesn’t have enough toys and clothes and special gadgets and I want to run through the aisles, sweeping the contents of every shelf into my cart.  Why else would all this stuff be for sale if I didn’t need it, right?  But then my practical side kicks in, or maybe it’s my short-term memory:  Masher can’t take more than a couple of seconds in the electric swing I bought him here, he can’t stand any of the variety of pacifiers I tried to stick in his mouth, and that special diaper pail we bought?  That held up for about 3 weeks worth of shutting, then refused to open ever again.  (Now we have a $9.99 plain ol’ trashcan I’ll be able to use for my own diapers someday in the very distant future.)  Low tech.  Simple.  Heck, Masher’s happiest playing with his feet.  So, when I walked past a bizarro mesh feeding bag thing a few weeks ago at the big box baby store, I turned up my nose.  Just one more product trying to create a need.

Or not.  Maybe it’s actually a really great product!  The lightbulb went off when I was eating a pear a few weeks ago and decided to see if Masher wanted to suck on the core.  He was VERY interested in gnawing and sucking on such a deliciously juicy object, but I realized that I was equally nervous that he’d saw off a little chunk with those two little bottom beaver teeth of his, inhale, and choke himself.  So, I went back to the big box baby store and bought that very same mesh feeder I’d turned my nose up at before!  Let’s just say it worked like a charm.

A happy boy gnawing away on fruit.

A happy boy gnawing away on fruit.