When In Doubt, Fry In Butter

14 04 2015

It should be every Southern girl’s mantra really.

I’m not saying it’s the healthiest idea, but sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.  Everyone loves grilled cheese, pancakes, salmon croquettes, and scrambled eggs, right?  They all have one very delicious thing in common:  the greasy sizzle of a little butter in a pan.

But sometimes a little hot butter bath can come in handy when you have something that needs a little…  um, improvement, say.  Take, for example, the almond butter and strawberry jam sandwiches left over from a hike the day before.  When they were rediscovered this morning near the bottom of a crumby backpack, they were in rough shape.  But who wants to waste two whole sandwiches, especially when you aren’t headed to the grocery store until Wednesday?  AB&J French Toast to the rescue!  Just soak the hard, stale sandwiches in a little egg, milk and cinnamon mixture, then… well, fry in butter of course!  And a dipper cup of maple syrup doesn’t hurt.

IMG_2450 IMG_2452

Back to Work …

10 05 2008

A new day, a new dollar.  Or a new activity, as the case may be.  Inspired by my blog-like burblings from Norway a few years ago, I thought I’d start something new.  Something to keep me writing, something creative, why not?  But then, a realization:  I don’t know what to write about!  I don’t want to write anything too personal.  For one thing, who would want to read day-to-day dribble about my life?  For another thing, there probably are people out there who would, and that’s scarier.  So, something not too personal.  Something that’s actually about something real, so that it’s almost worth reading …  The less it resembles this first posting, the better.  Something that might even be useful …  

Lightbulb!  This blog will be about food.  Not about eating out around the DC metropolitan area; there are already plenty of blogs and web sites about that.  Not about cooking in a general sense, with recipes and advice on how long to boil a hardboiled egg, because that info is already easy to find, and I’m certainly no expert.  This blog will be about food and kids, or more specifically food and one cute kid (we’ll call him Masher), age 15 1/2 weeks (Aquarius in the cusp of Capricorn, should you be curious).

So, food and kids it is.  Yes, this is a topic I should be able to write plenty about, primarily because I know next to nothing now, but I’m about to have to learn.  I know a bit about food:  I love to eat and I love to cook.  I make a veggie chili that has won a couple of friendly contests.  I prefer organic ingredients and cooking locally and seasonally whenever possible (can’t wait for our farm share to start this summer!).  I recently finished reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and I buy most of what it says about what’s wrong with the American diet.  I also know a bit about kids …  basically whatever most moms know after almost 16 weeks of having one, plus whatever I picked up babysitting in high school.  What I know about food and kids is limited to the following facts:  (1) My child really likes milk.  (2) You can eat no vegetables except carrot sticks until you’re 20 and still grow up to be 6’2″.

My husband Josh and I have had several discussions over the years on this and related topics, and we hope to raise children who eat well and enjoy healthy foods, but we don’t want to obsess over the occasional indulgences that make this life worth living, i.e., that second piece of flourless chocolate cake or a baguette consumed with an entire stick of butter.  So, is this possible?  For baby to have his cake but eat his carrots too?  In sh’Allah …