A Year and Half Later…

2 05 2012

Nothing wrong with a little hiatus, right?

But I’m back, or I think I am. For the time being anyway. And so much has happened in the last year and a half! Starting around age 3, Masher went through what I might describe as a “no” phase in relation to food, mainly consisting of falling on the floor screaming when he walked up to the dinner table and spotted kale interwoven in the mac ‘n cheese. It was — um — amusing. But to some extent, we seem to have passed through that stage, and now he generally eats what’s on his plate or eats around it as he pleases.

He asked for a spinach salad for his packed lunch today, “with egg, cheese, and tomato.” That was weird. Salad is a relatively new thing for him — it’s always been offered, but I think it’s a really tough texture for a toddler to deal with. And, you might ask, was it eaten? Well, when I picked him up from preschool, I found the container still half full. But this is pretty normal for him. I’m not sure the preschool environment is all that conducive to eating a good lunch since I hear that every kid seems to come home still hungry with most everything still unwrapped in their lunch boxes! So, the salad has been recycled as a before-dinner snack if a certain someone gets up from “rest time” with a raging hunger in his belly…

What’s for dinner tonight? Black beans and rice with red cabbage salad and some sliced avocado to top.  Happy eating!




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