10 02 2010

I guess the best thing about Snowmageddon and its compatriots is that they inspire great cooking.  What else are you going to do with yourself once you’ve exhausted the possibilities of sledding, throwing snowballs, eating snow, attempting cross-country skiing (but realizing quickly that it’s not going to be easy with a 34-pound kid strapped to your back even if he is wearing a helmet), and coming inside to drink hot chocolate?  Just as baseball is (or was) our national pasttime, cooking and eating are our family’s pasttimes, and we take both activities very seriously.

I tackled the first project on Friday night:  homemade pizza dough.  To my great surprise, mixing up the flour, water, and yeast in a bowl was easy, and dealing with it for the next two hours or so was perfectly painless, even enjoyable when it came time to knead occasionally.  When the dough was ready, I slapped one pie out on a cookie sheet, the other on the pizza stone we received as a wedding gift, relieving it from its previous assignment:  gathering dust on a closet shelf in the basement.  I topped them with some homemade tomato sauce (essentially olive oil, onions, canned roma tomatoes, and salt), corn and broccoli (use it if you got it, right?), and a couple of string cheese mozzarella sticks that happened to be hanging out in the fridge from the last time I had to provide snack at Masher’s coop.  When they came out of the oven, I threw some chopped avocado on.  And WOW.  Will we ever order pizza in a restaurant again?  These pies were delicious!  

The only problem — and I really do hate to complain about something like this — but now I’m going to feel like I always have to make pizza from scratch …  What’s my excuse not to?




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13 02 2010

Homemade pizza is the BEST!!! Next time you make pizza dough…make a double batch of it and freeze it. I usually roll the dough out and bake the crust by itself first before topping it b/c sometimes my toppings get a bit heavy….so what you can do is bake all the dough and then freeze what you don’t use that day. Next time you want pizza, all you have to do is top and bake…EASY! ;D

14 02 2010

Connie–What a good idea! I had thought about making a double batch and freezing the dough, but I hadn’t considered freezing a prebaked crust, which would be a really great timesaver. Thanks for that suggestion. I also think I’d probably flatten my dough even a bit more the next time I make them; I was surprised by how much the crust rose as it baked in the oven.

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