Fresh Flour Tortillas Make Anything Delicious

2 10 2009

It’s a fact.  Whenever we go to Rio Grande, we always order 20 or so flour tortillas to pop in the freezer back at home.  Then, the next time I cook up something that really needs a tasty and edible container, we defrost them in the microwave or oven in a few minutes, and put together some almost-homemade taquitos deliciosos!  In this case, the contents were straight from our PVF farmshare:  red chard, red and yellow peppers (turns out some were spicier than I thought, so the whole thing was kinda ruined for Masher), fresh corn off the cob, and pinto beans.  Essentially chard maque-choux (a fave Louisiana dish) with beans.


Oh, yes, I’m afraid you read that correctly.  I did say that I put chard in my tacos.  A whole big bunch of it, in fact.  But that’s what I mean about fresh flour tortillas …  They can make an otherwise questionable ingredient into a culinary masterpiece.  There’s just something about the way the tortilla begins to almost melt into the hot filling …  I’m going to bet that might have something to do with lard or shortening, and God bless it, whichever or whatever it is!

I guess the next step in my journey should be making my own flour tortillas.  Hm.  Well, I guess that’s a possibility, so I’ll put it on the to-do list.  If I can manage to make something even half as good as these, we’ll have some very happy taco eaters here at home.




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