Fresh Basil Pesto, How I Love Thee

15 08 2009

I guess it’s pretty much the case with any pasta sauce — tomato, bolognese, alfredo for sure — but I think it’s especially true for basil pesto: what you make fresh is a WORLD away from what you pull off the grocery store shelf, even if you’re lucky enough to be shopping at an Italian specialty store. Stripping basil leaves off the stem and throwing them into the food processor with some olive oil, garlic, and walnuts … It couldn’t be easier or more delicious. I usually don’t even add parmesan, except freshly grated on top of my pasta, and I prefer walnuts (after a quick run under the broiler) to pine nuts, but however you prefer to make it, make it now!

Last night we enjoyed it on spaghetti with some crispy pan-fried jamon serrano (unconventional, perhaps, but utterly delicious) on top and accompanied by a salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, and ricotta salata.  Mostly local farm ingredients, with a few Italian accents, I guess!





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