Milk Really Does Do a Body Good

4 08 2009

So, I used to get a lot of flak from my parents throughout elementary school and beyond for gulping down at least two BIG glasses of milk as soon as I ran in the door home from soccer practice or swim team.  My mom especially couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t just drink some water, but–I don’t know–it just didn’t feel like it hit the spot the way the cold milk did, it wasn’t as refreshing to me, and it didn’t taste as good.  I was thinking about this recently as I was watching Masher throw back a big sippy cup of moo-juice on a hot day at the playground …  and then I thought it might be worthwhile to do some Internet research on the topic …

And the verdict is that milk is actually a really great “sports drink,” much better in fact than an actual sports drink, like Gatorade or something.  Post-workout milk drinkers lost twice as much fat and gained 63 percent more muscle than carb-drink drinkers in a 2007 study, people who drank chocolate milk during a simulated bike ride were able to bike 50 percent longer than those who drank a sports drink in another study; and a 2009 study showed that muscle fuel replacement was just as good and protein synthesis better for athletes who ate a bowl of cereal with milk post-workout than those who drank the caloric equivalent in sports drinks.  There you go.  Guess my body was telling me to drink milk after soccer practice because it’s good for me!  Another reason to learn how to listen to what your body needs … and then do what it’s telling you.




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