Why Eat Organic?

2 08 2009

I’ve gone through my reasons for choosing primarily organic food before, but here’s a bit more on the topic.  I don’t know how many people read about a recent research review in the UK that claims that organic food conveys no nutritional benefits over conventional food, but it got into several papers across the country.  In many cases, articles about the review (again, this wasn’t an actual study but was a review of existing research) failed to mention some of the review’s weaknesses …  This article from the British Sunday Times gives a good overview of the study and what its critics say, as does this Civil Eats blog post.  Basically the study acknowledges that existing research demonstrates that organic fruits and vegetables demonstrate more nutritional benefits (like 50% more beta carotene), but that the findings aren’t statistically significant.  Further the research review completely ignores the issue of pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers in conventional food.  Finally, and perhaps most obviously, there’s no mention of the many other benefits to choosing organic food.  I don’t know how many benefits a real expert could come up with, but I’ve got six categories of benefits in my previous post, “Organic-Schmorganic,” so there ya go.  Read it.  Eat it.




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