From the Farm

8 07 2009

Tuesdays are veggie pickup days for our Potomac Vegetable Farm CSA (community-supported agriculture), so what’s for dinner is always a surprise until J. brings the bag home after work. Today was not the greatest day, but I’m hoping things will continue to improve … We got three cucumbers, three onions, one garlic bulb, a bunch of small leeks, two small heads of chard, a head of reddish lettuce, a bunch of little beets, four tiny potatoes, and some “summer savory” herb of some sort. I think that’s it. Oh, and a dozen eggs of course.

Actually, I had an idea of what I’d make before I got the bag. I figured the veggies would still be somewhat lame-o, so I was banking on a salad, crostini with something on top of it (to use up some old hard homemade bread from the freezer — see previous post), and a frittata. The veggies we got worked, along with a few extras from the fridge and pantry, and it was a delicious meal! Here’s what we had:


Frittata with Potato and Leek

Parboil the potatoes and set aside. Chop leeks and add to cast-iron skillet with olive oil and butter. Add potatoes to skillet, along with some salt and pepper, and stir. Beat eggs with a bit of milk, season, and pour into skillet. Let cook on stove for a few minutes before popping the skillet under the broiler to finish the top. Cut and serve! (This would be great with some type of cheese, but I didn’t use any since there was cheese in the crostini and in the salad.)

DSC_0007Crostini with Beets and Manouri Cheese
Crostini with Garbanzo Bean Spread

Slice some bread and toast it under the broiler with a drizzle of olive oil if you like. Peel and dice small raw beets and toss with diced manouri cheese (like feta but creamier and less salty), olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Using the food processor, whip up half a small onion and one garlic clove in some olive oil, and add a can of no-salt garbanzo beans (without the canning liquid). Continue to process until smooth, adding salt and pepper to taste. Set the toasted bread out on a plate, top it, and serve. (Add a bit of something pretty to the top of the garbanzo crostini, some chopped summer savory herb in this case!)


Summer Salad

Fresh greens, tomato, mozzarella, and cucumber with olive oil and some white wine vinegar. Simple as that.

There’s some beet and cheese mixture and some frittata left for Masher tomorrow, both of which I think he’ll like.  I’ll put a spoonful of garbanzo bean spread in front of him too, but I’m pretty sure this batch is way too garlicky for him!  Yummy for me.




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