Butter Up!

7 07 2009

I gave my birthday present — the KitchenAid KFP 750 — a whirl yesterday and tried making homemade almond butter. I’d ground almonds and other nuts before in my old smaller processor but hadn’t had the patience (or the eardrum strength — so loud in that DSC_0023little one!) to get the ground nuts to the point of becoming butter. And it takes a while, doesn’t it? But eventually the flour-like mixture started to clump together and got sticky, I added a bit of oil and a touch of salt, and it was done!

And I have to say that this probably does mean the end to buying commercial nut butters, as I thought it might.  This almond butter tastes really fresh and good, and it doesn’t stick all over your mouth the way I think commercial nut butters do.  And it was easy as heck to make.  A true winner.

So, what did we do with this almond butter? Well, first I made a little almond butter and fig jam sandwich for Masher’s lunch … yum! And this morning I’m making some almond butter-banana-coconut-oatmeal-no sugar-vegan cookies (whew, that’s a mouthful!) based loosely on this recipe from the web site Clique Clack.


DSC_0025And what else is cooking in the kitchen?  Last night we enjoyed one of my favorite summer dishes:  fresh wild Alaskan salmon on the grill.  J. prepped the fish with some salt, pepper, garlic, butter, and olive oil while I put together two quick salads:  organic lentils with carrots, Potomac Vegetable Farm kohlrabi,  and a spicy lemon dressing and a green salad with some fresh bufala mozzarella from New York, tomatoes, and Potomac Vegetable Farm cucumber.  The salads were good, but the fish was delish.  It was tough to save any for Masher to have today!




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