You Never Know …

26 06 2009

Masher consistently refuses cut-up fruit.  I’m not going to say that he doesn’t like it because (a) one of my rules is that I’ll never say my child “doesn’t like” something and (b) he eats whole fruit like it’s going out of style.  If I’m interested in getting him to eat an apple or pear, for instance, I’ll start it off for him by taking a bite or two, then let him go to town.  The last apple he ate I had to take away because he had eaten it down to the seeds on one side.  When I removed the core and handed what was essentially still half an apple back to him, it had apparently lost all allure.  Bananas, obviously, are no problem whole, and Masher deigns to eat cut-up melon, although he’d rather stick his face right into a juicy, fat quarter.  But apples and pears have that issue of the core and seeds to contend with.

Still, I continue to offer cut-up apples and pears to Masher from time to time, and this evening was one of those times.  Aside his warm bowl of black beans (with peppers and onions), rice, spicy ground turkey, and cheese, with a dollop of yogurt (just like sour cream!), I placed a small dish of sliced pear.  Masher took one pear slice in his hand, gave it a dirty look, and placed it as far away from him on the high chair as it would go.  He then turned his attention to the beans, and I turned mine to dishes (was it loading or unloading the dishwasher this time — who knows?).  When I turned back to him several minutes later, he was gently dipping a pear slice into the beans.  “Ugh, playing with his food …  That means he’s done,” I said to myself.  Eating his food gets him dirty enough; we don’t need to play in it, too.  And then I paused.  He took a big bite of the bean-coated pear, chewed, and swallowed.  And I realized that his bowl of pears was almost empty.

So, pears dipped in beans and spicy turkey …  who knew it would be such a hit?




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