It Does a Body Good

27 05 2009

Yep, milk. Masher’s drinking it. Finally. No longer does he make a face like I’ve just offered him liquid nitrogen in a sippy cup. He actually drinks it.

So, how did we manage this, you ask? Well, I’d say it’s probably a combination of factors: (1) Who knows why? That’s the most likely reason. He probably just got tired of me shoving the milk cup in his face all of the time and decided he’d better drink some to get me to stop. (2) I waited until he got really thirsty on a really hot day, and then offered only cold milk. But before you start lecturing me about milk containing solids and how you really need water to rehydrate properly, let me explain in my defense that (a) I always had water available for emergencies, (b) Masher gets plenty of water throughout the day, (c) I only operated my milk monopoly for about two weeks’ time, and (d) I myself as a child used to drink three huge glasses of milk the second I got home, exhausted and sweaty, from soccer practice, so I can say from personal experience that it quenches real thirst. And (3) I started buying fresher, less pasteurized milk from the farmers’ market or MOM’s. There’s definitely a major difference in taste between that stuff and the ultrapasteurized grocery-store milk. Do the taste test yourself!

So, yeah, who knows the reasons for it really, but I sure am glad that Masher started drinking the moo juice.  He doesn’t drink anywhere near 20 oz/day, or whatever figure it was I read on the Internet that kids his age need, but he definitely gets at least four 4-oz servings of milk, cheese, or yogurt each day, which our pediatrician said should be sufficient.  It seems like a hard thing to judge, especially when an outsider has no idea what else the child is consuming, but I assume we should be as on track as we need to be.




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