Green Soup

22 04 2009

I love green soup. It’s true. Especially split pea soup. With a big ol’ ham hock. My absolute favorite. But I made a new kind of green soup today, and Masher is loving it: broccoli soup. Why not, right? It was really easy, and it’s a great way to (a) use leftover veggies and (b) get greens into your kiddos without those textural difficulties they often have.

Here’s what I did:

Poured some leftover low-sodium chicken broth into a pot to heat on the stove. Chopped up a couple of stalks of leftover broccoli. (To use the stem, just “shave” off the outer stringy “bark” of the broccoli, and chop what’s left just like the tops.) Added the broccoli to the pot and boiled for 5 minutes or less. Pureed the concoction, then added some quick-cooking, brown-rice alphabet pasta (although any pasta or grain would be fine) and cooked ’til the pasta was soft.

Yummy. Uses up your leftovers. And couldn’t be quicker or easier. I had some for lunch, too!




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