Dripping Pan …

3 03 2009

… is apparently what the word “casserole” came from.  The French diminutive of “dripping pan.”  Yesterday’s casserole du jour didn’t involve drippings (although, as a good Southern girl, I can assure you it could only have been made more delicious with them!), but it was pretty tasty, and we all ended up enjoying it.  

Super Baby Food's mac 'n' cheese (plus broccoli and more)

Super Baby Food's mac 'n' cheese (plus broccoli and more)

Josh had some leftover pasta — some fancy-pants Italiano shape, not your average elbow — from the night before, but Masher hasn’t been all that excited about pasta with olive oil or butter or cheese all by itself, so I was looking for a good way to dress it up.  Enter Super Baby Food to the rescue, with a recipe for mac ‘n’ cheese (pasta, cheese, 2 eggs & milk) that looked a lot like quiche, but what the heck.  I added some broccoli for color and vitamins.  And some leftover mashed cannellini beans with grated carrot that were otherwise going to waste in the fridge.  Why not?  Honestly, it was so good Josh and I could have easily both eaten it for lunch, but we held back.  I was able instead to set aside about half in the freezer for Masher for another week when we don’t have anything to eat in the house!

Masher eating my casserole!

Masher "all done" with the casserole!

Casseroles are the best.  I’ve always loved them.  One dish that holds your meat, veggies, dairy, and grain.  Only one dish to wash.  (Plus whatever prep pans you use, of course.)  And they’re so cozy to make and eat on a snowy winter’s day.  Lasagna, moussaka, enchiladas, shepherd’s pie, every culture has its own casserole.  In my house growing up, the casserole of choice was salmon casserole.  To this day, I’m really not sure what was in it, but I had a real love-hate relationship with the thing.  I loved the taste of it, but I absolutely despised when I crunched down on one of those soft salmon bones you find in canned salmon (except for the skinless, boneless kind from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods that I buy now).  I understand that eating those soft bones is really good for you — all the calcium and who knows what else — but I thought it was totally repulsive … and I’m not so sure I’ve gotten past that today!




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