Arancini …

23 02 2009

Delicioso.  Or so thinks Masher.  And me, too.  They were his latest escapade on the dining-out extravaganza that was our trip to Florida with the mother- and sisters-in-law, as well as the niece and nephews.  I’d read that it’s a good  idea to  order things from the appetizer menu, and it obviously worked out great!  Masher loved the fried rice ball (but not so much the spinach with garlic–too much garlic, I think!) that I ordered to come out at the same time as all the adults’ salads.  So, good to know.  All in all, Masher’s vacationing eating habits were very similar to his eating habits at home — veggies, grains, a bit of beans, a bit of meat or fish — with the possible exception that he ate, like, WAAAAAAYYYYY more.  Maybe it was all of the people eating together that inspired him, maybe it was all of the exercise he got trying to chase (on all fours) his bipedal cousins around the big house, maybe it was the second dinner — something that happens now and then at home (the baby eats around 5, and then again around 6:30 when you and hubby eat) — but that happened all the time with our 6 p.m. dinner reservations in various locations in the Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach area.  Who knows.  All I know was that I was changing three poopy diapers a day.  YIKES!




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