A Good Food Week

14 02 2009

Whew, what a week!  I’ve been a horribly negligent blogger of late, but I have a good excuse:  the contract work I do on the side came to end today and, leading up to today, I’ve been working my butt off to log as many hours as possible.  But now it’s done, and for the first time since late September or so, I won’t have a constant nagging feeling that there is work to be done … of the paid sort, anyway.  There’s always work to be done.  

But, in addition to working, I’ve been cooking, and it’s been mighty tasty.  That cookbook Josh got me for Christmas has turned out to be a real winner, and I’ve been using it a lot.  It’s a good cookbook for me because it gives me what I need — instead of giving me specific recipes with specific measurements for specific ingredients, it serves more as a basic reference and guide for what I already know in my head I want to do.  This week I used it at least three times.  The first was for some catfish fillets (on sale at Whole Paycheck this week), which I steamed on a bed of rainbow chard (spiced up with a few pieces of andouille sausage and some onion) and served on top of some parmesan polenta (the kind you stir up in a pot, not the kind you slice off the log).  I don’t usually say this about my food because there’s usually something not quite perfect about it, but this meal was OUTRAGEOUSLY good.  And Masher couldn’t get enough.  The second time I used the cookbook was to check on the propriety of making a soup that involved both barley and green lentils.  I love both and have used both many times in soups, just never together.  The cookbook didn’t really provide me an answer for that one, but it did happen to list its barley soup and lentil soup recipes relatively close together, so I felt that was justification enough.  And the soup turned out great, if not a little thick simply due to the fact that I need a bigger pot to cook the amount of soup I like to cook.  Masher didn’t mind one bit.  The third and final winner this week was a shrimp and veggie stir fry with a little garlic, ginger, and soy.  Simple, quick, and delicious.  Unfortunately, Masher didn’t get to try this one since I finished off the leftovers later that evening!  

What a good place this would be for some photos of the food, huh?  Yep, I know.  And I promise to start taking photos again.  I’ve been lazy, but no excuses now–I’m a real stay-at-home mom again.

And what else is Masher eating, you may ask?  Anything and everything …  except cow’s milk.  And we’ll save that for the next time.




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