What’s Masher Eating Now? (The Fruit Edition)

10 12 2008

As we approach Masher’s first birthday (43 days and counting!), I thought it might be time to review his menu … What foods has he tried, what foods has he spit out without swallowing, etc., etc.? So we’ll start off with the fruit:

Apples (which he has in the form of sauce almost every day, sometimes in combination with other fruits)
Avocado (doesn’t like it … makes Josh and me think he might not actually be related to us)
Bananas (in big chomping bites)
Blueberries (he didn’t much care for these, but I think it was a textural thing about the skin as I tried just mushing them up in his oatmeal a few mornings)
Grapes (cut up small or in the feed bag where he prefers them)
Pears (which he LOVES to eat with juice dripping down his chin)
Mango (oops! gave him a rash with these … I didn’t realize they could set off sensitive skin!)
Orange (he’s had a couple of sips in juice form)
Plums/Prunes (the latter was actually his first food — in homemade puree/juice form — as I was worried when he would go weeks without pooping back when he was solely breastfed)
Watermelon (not a big fan … maybe textural again?)

… I think that’s it … And I can’t think of too many others, apart from the ones that start to get weird like pomegranates and lychees or the ones that are too acidic, like grapefruit or limes. Anyone else?

When it comes to fruit, I have some peculiar habits myself: I can’t stand for my fruit to have the slightest bruise or blemish. Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but I’m starting to overcome it. I won’t throw the whole fruit away like I did when I was little (behind Mom’s back — and yes, I know it’s wasting it!); now I just carefully cut away the damaged section and eat the rest. Then again, we don’t come up with these quirks all by ourselves … Just about a year ago, I was watching my mom slice an apple for herself and was agog to see her carefully pare away the tiniest discolored bit from the rest of the slice she was planning to eat. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. It’s a lesson for all of us.




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