Texturize Me

3 10 2008

We tried some texture today.  It didn’t go over well.  Masher had texture before … in his net feeder.  (I think of fish whenever I write the words “net feeder.”  I guess I don’t actually ever say “net feeder,” or I’d think of fish then, too.  What do I call it orally then?  “Baggie thing,” I believe.)  But this texture was different.  And apparently too much to take.

After gobbling up two food cubes (sweet potato, carrot, and pear), Masher indicated that he was ready for more.  How did he indicate that, you might ask?  Good question.  And the answer is not 100% clear, but when I say “More, more?” and he bobs up and down in the high chair, I take that as a sign that I should pop a cube or two more in the microwave.  But this time I added a couple of mushed up peas to the mix.  He took one bite, two, … three, and then handed me back all of the pea hulls on his tongue.  I guess he had been stashing them in his cheek.  And then he began screaming his head off.  Oops!  Maybe hates peas, maybe just tired.  Who really knows?




One response

3 10 2008

he’s adorable. since my friend just had a baby, we’ve been bizarrely obsessed with her child’s poop, so i enjoy that you have an entire category devoted to it.

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