Messes All Around

17 09 2008

It’s like we’ve entered a whole new world of eating.  Masher has gone from eating just a few little bites of food at a sitting to eating a healthy three to four tablespoons of mush.  One day, he ate an entire pear in his little mesh feeder; another day, ten grapes.  But even from the spoon, now, he’s eating some serious quantities.  One question several of our playgroup friends’ moms have asked is whether he’s pooping more frequently now.  He does seem to be getting on a twice-a-week schedule, but that’s still nowhere near as frequent as I might have thought.  And it’s OK by me!  It’s nice to know when a poopy diaper might be expected so we can be prepared.  You mothers of daily poopers, imagine the poop quadrupled, and you’ll get some sense of the size of the mess we deal with!

Another observation:  Masher really seems to enjoy eating at the same time as we, his parents, do.  At first, I was really focused on getting the food in him at his mealtimes; now–when feasible–we all sit down to breakfast, lunch, or dinner together, and we talk and eat at the same time as we’re feeding him.  Of course, we’re still doing this at the kitchen bar where we’ve gotten in the habit of taking most of our meals.  And I wonder if we should move to the dining room table soon so that the meals have less of an on-the-go feel to them.  At the kitchen bar, we often end up reading the paper or the latest New Yorker instead of hashing over our days …  But the real issue is the messiness.  Under the kitchen bar we have hardwood floors, which I can wipe clean as soon as Masher’s finished throwing his mushy peas around, but under the dining room table we have a rug.  What does one do?  Those plastic trays that go under the high chair seem pretty annoying to deal with.  We have one under the dog bowls already, and it’s a pain in the butt.  And don’t even get me started with the high chair …  After one meal it’s got sweet potatoes and spinach in every crevice of the cover, straps, and buckles–ugh!  Any hints for keeping things a bit neater at mealtime would be very welcome!

Our frozen baby food cubes are still going strong.  The latest flavor combination?  Spinach and carrots, which comes out a lovely deep shiny green and tastes pretty good, too.  Through Freecycle, I got a new book on baby food called Super Baby Food.  From my brief skim through the intro, I thought the author sounded a bit too kooky for me, but some of her ideas and recipes might be all right.  She certainly has a lot to say about baby food; I think the intro is about 100 pages and doesn’t include even one recipe!  What surprised me a bit was her description of her son’s breakfast of Super Baby Porridge, or something like that, which she describes as so repulsive she won’t even eat it.  I don’t know about that …  I prefer the idea of having baby’s food be simpler versions of what the rest of the family is eating, as long as the family eats healthily, of course!




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