The Ongoing Saga of Poop

7 08 2008

It has become clear to me over the last few months that ensuring the regularity and proper consistency of poop is a very serious task for any mother.  And so, when sweet potatoes and avocado recently resulted in another poop whose exit made Masher–let’s say–not so happy, I became a bit concerned.  Googling around, I found that baby constipation is signified by hard pellets of poop; paste-like poop, on the other hand, is entirely normal.  That definitely made me feel better, but it was only a start.

Constipation, said one site, is by definition a lack of water in the colon.  Well, that made sense, I guess.  After all, Masher wasn’t drinking water.  Maybe I wasn’t mixing enough water or liquid in with the food.  That was worth a try.  Another site mentioned apples and prunes, which I realized I had already introduced in the form of juice, so I could try out the “solid” form instead.  I bought some adult unsweetened organic applesauce at Whole Foods, mixed some in with organic prunes (soaked in hot water, then processed in the blender), and watered down the whole mess.  It’s hard to call this thin, black-spotted goo “solids,” but I suppose that’s what it is, and Masher–despite screwing up his face into a “What the heck are you trying to do to me?!?” look with the first bite each time–seemed to enjoy a tablespoon or so of it over the last three days.  

And now we wait … with a extra pad in his carseat, his favorite place to go.

Mmmmm ... avocado!

Mmmmm ... avocado!

Some good poopy web sites: 




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