More Cereal

26 07 2008

Although I thought I’d be writing a blog on kids and food, it seems as though the focus is far more on the outputs as opposed to the inputs!  Oh, well.  Today, after four days of one tablespoon of rice cereal and two days of one tablespoon of oatmeal cereal–and the day after Masher’s 6-month anniversary of life–the baby passed what could officially be called A poop, not to be confused with poop in its softer form.  Congratulations, Masher!  Now if I could only find the spot where I’m supposed to write that “first” in the baby book …

He definitely seems to continue liking cereal, both the rice and the oatmeal versions, but the feeding also seems to be getting messier.  His latest favorite activity is blowing the contents of his mouth back out at me, not in a way that signifies disgust, more in triumph and delight!  So, I tossed aside those little drool bibs we’d been using and tried out a “big boy” bib, made of some kind of plasticky material, with a pocket at the bottom to catch those airborne glob-missiles.  Unfortunately, Masher was pretty sure the bib was for eating too, especially once it was well caked with the cementcereal, and that little pocket didn’t work quite as well turned upside-down.  All this for the consumption of a mere one tablespoon.  Now, I’m supposed to move him up to three-four tablespoons daily?  Yikes!




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